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Mole Poblano - Toasted Sesame Seeds Mole (Traditional Mole)

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mole poblano - Mole poblano is a dark red-brown sauce from Puebla made with ancho chiles (dried poblano peppers) and chocolate.

How do you make your Ketzal Molé you ask?...simple!

1 cup powdered Molé to 2 cups broth or water, simmer until desired thickness, add in your cooked meats or veggies, then ENJOY

You can use our Ketzal Molé as a dipping sauce, a dry rub, a soup flavor, or store it in the refrigerator for an easy pour over sauce. 
Simple and easy! 

Ingredientes del Mole Poblano:
CHILES: ancho, chipotle, mulato, pasilla
ESPECIAS: canela, clavo, pimienta gorda, comino, anís, chocolate, sal
VEGETALES: Ajo, cebolla, jitomate, harina de trigo(pan bolillo)
FRUTAS: Ajonjolí en mayor cantidad(extra) que los demás, Nuez, Pasas